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Plexus Limited endeavours to create structures that are architectural statements of excellence: that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly: and that satisfy the clients’ demand for a functional, cost effective, and profitable project. The company’s architectural services covers Concept Design, Design Development, Working Drawings and Contract Administration.

As Architects, Plexus Limited is charged with the responsibility to mould social patterns and behaviour and to incorporate and cultivate a high level of sensitivity to the environment within our design solutions. Our ably trained team is equipped with the technical expertise to affect the services required in the Architectural industry today.

Planning & Development

Project Management

As Project Managers, Plexus Limited will co-ordinate all disciplines involved, ensuring the efficient dissemination of information and the monitoring and or the development of programs and schedules. The project manager will also be solely accountable for all aspects of works on site, and will police the job with the following objectives.

  • To develop the design brief accurately and thoroughly.
  • To maintain a high level of performance and quality from all
    disciplines involved.
  • To ensure that the project is efficiently operated in terms of
    manpower, equipment and financing.
  • To successfully complete the project on time and within budget.

Best Solutions


Our renderings are the composition of materials, textures, landscaping and entourage to capture the essence of our clients’ vision. ultimately achieves realism of the look and feel of the project.

Planning & Development


Understanding and developing sustainable communities.